27-28, January 2018, Dubai, UAE

Accepted Papers

  • Survey On Newsql Databases
    Turki Alhazmi1 and Salahadin Mohammed2 1,2Department of Information and Computer Science, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia ,

    There are several NewSQL databases available that are characterized mainly by their ability to expose strong relational model query-able by some form of SQL and their ability to massively scale across machines to clusters spanning geographical areas. In this paper we survey existing NewSQL databases and attempt to classify and compare them based on main memory usage. We illustrate throughout the paper how the way different databases utilize memory influences many other design decisions made in these databases.

  • Data Retrieval Methodology For Extract-Transform-Load
    Manik Madhikermi, Andrea Buda, Bhargav Dave, Kary Främling

    Information Systems (ISs) are fundamental to streamline operations and support processes of any modern enterprise. Being able to perform analytics over the data managed in various enterprise ISs is becoming increasingly important for organisational growth. Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) are the necessary pre-processing steps of any data mining activity. Due to the complexity of modern IS, extracting data is becoming increasingly complicated and time-consuming. In order to ease the process, this paper proposes a methodology and a pilot implementation, that aims to simplify data extraction process by leveraging the end-users’ knowledge and understanding of the specific IS. This paper first provides a brief introduction and the current state of the art regarding existing ETL process and techniques. Then, it explains in details the proposed methodology. Finally, test results of typical data-extraction tasks from four ISs are reported.